SimEnergy Release 4.69.5


SimEnergy Release 4.69.5

Our latest SimEnergy release, V4.69.5,  includes the ability for the ASX energy files to be downloaded using the ASX secure transfer file protocol. All ASX Data subscribers should be aware that the ASX is decommissioning the ASX Energy Daily Files to a new delivery system and file format. This will impact all existing subscribers as the old end of day files and delivery system is being decommissioned on 31 January 2016. Please talk to the ASX to acquire your private key file and password if you do not have them. We will remove the d-cypha Futures and d-cypha Options actions in the next release of SimEnergy as these files will not be provided by the ASX in the near future.

Other new features since V4.64 include:

  • Additional times available for daily running of SimImporter
  • Deal Import/Export for Internal transfer deals
  • Automation Module enhancements including
    – Notional Position in Automation now allows for grouping by Level and Time Interval
    – New Load Weighted Rates report produces load weighted rates for the selected portfolio with grouping by Level and Time Interval
    – Addition of the Peak flag to reports
  • Ability to define multiple points for a Discount Curve at an effective date and Environmental Options formula incorporating an interpolated discount rate.

Please contact us on (613) 9811 4724 or email if you have any questions or would like training in these features.

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